Beacon Bend Alpacas - Angora Rabbits, Alpacas, Merino Sheep Spinning and Felting Fiber in Eugene, Oregon
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Alpacas, Angora Rabbits, Handspun Yarn in Eugene Oregon

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At Beacon Bend Alpacas, we grow artisan fiber on happy animals raised in a heathy and caring environment.

Beacon Bend Alpacas is a fusion of responsible stewardship, love of animals and an artistic creativity in textile design.

Knit and crochet yarn, spinning fiber, knitting and crocheting tools

You can also buy our yarns, fleeces and other handmade products at our online store at

From the store:


Our Animals

A few of our hardworking textile experts.

Our Featured Handspun Yarns

Knit, Crochet, Needle Felt, Spin

Angora Blanket Available in the Store

Knit, Crochet, Needle Felt and Spin

Handspun Satin Angora Yarn

Sara's Bunny

Sabrina Alpaca Sock Yarn

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