Beacon Bend Alpacas - Angora Rabbits, Alpacas, Merino Sheep Spinning and Felting Fiber in Eugene, Oregon
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Alpaca fleece from Beacon Bend Alpaca's Lamae.

Unwashed Fleece, soft with natural luster..

Beacon Bend Fiber Store

Alpaca fleece for spinning that is bright white with bits of black throughout - downy soft locks and natural luster.

Handspun alpaca yarn.

2-Ply Handspun, approximate worsted weight 3.5 oz. (100 g.).

Washed alpaca fleece with natural luster, ready to card.

Washed Fleece, natural luster, soft, ready to card.

An alpaca merino hand-carded batt, very plush.

Alpaca-Merino Handcarded Batt, white Lamae alpaca blended with Goldie light brown merino, very plush.