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Can you spin a yarn that won't shed or fall apart using only 100% angora rabbit?

Cathy made some interesting observations about this recently:

"Any  fiber will shed a little if its staple length is under 2 inches. It doesn't matter if it is 100% angora or any other fiber, it is the staple length that counts.

"If you are using a 3" or longer fiber, you can easily hand spin it and it will hold together. If the angora fiber is shorter than 1 inch, it can be combined with other material for spinning and you will probably get some shedding. The imported white German angora roving has a short fiber (I have been told), so I would expect that to do some shedding.

"I attached two photos of my angora & merino wool blankets-in-progress. The fuzziest blanket has angora rabbit fur 1" long. This one will do some shedding (it is a special order from my customer's pet rabbit). The second and lighter colored blanket-in-progress uses a longer staple fiber of angora & wool. It isn't as fuzzy looking and it won't shed. Both are equally plush. I attached a photo of 6" angora rabbit locks to show what premium angoar fiber looks like.

I would recommend a 3" staple and above for spinning a 100% angora yarn."

When we gather angora fiber, we separate the longer fibers - our 100% angora spinning fiber is at least 3 inches long, and we keep the shorter fibers for blending.

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